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Friday, December 09, 2005

Something utterly not associated with the Fabulous One.......

Just to let you people know, I have some very cold opinions on certain things. These opinions tend to burn the flesh from your pancake if you read them. Here they are:
-Bran. I hate bran, it is just a cheap "healthy" rip-off of flour and corn meal. And it tastes like crap. I mean, diet books say stuff like, "Eat this, it's goooood for youuuu," and I'm all like, " Why the banana should I do that when i could be eating deliscious cornmeal? ANSWER ME STUPID BOOK!" And that rude book never answers me. You know WHY it doesn't answer me? Because it knows I'm RIGHT, and just isn't brave enough to admit it. Stupid book.

-Books are SO much better than computers. I mean, their not fickle in the least, tend to only have one person controlling it, and wont keep telling you that "YOU COULD BE A HUGE WINNER IF YOU CLICK HERE!!!" And you can take books wherever. They don't cause technical difficulties when you try to use the on a plane in flight. And they are great self-defense tools as well. I mean, try chucking a hard-drive or a moniter at an attacking monkey. THAT wouldn't hold that monkey off for a seccond.

-Coneheads are the bane of my existence. I'm serious! They freak me out. If we were ever intended to have cones for heads, frogs would ride unicorns into the sunset each Tuesday. And how could anyone find them funny? Their monotones and claims at a french heritage are..........terrifying. The words "cone" and "head" shouldn't even be in the same sentence. Se if you ever see an anti-conehead crusade, look for me. I'll be there.


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