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Saturday, December 10, 2005

My eyes.... Let me tell you about them!

My eyes burn with a chocolatey goodness! Here's what happened....
It is a cold morning here on Earth, and I was not immune to the cold. I zipped up my polartech© (that stuff is what dreams are made of...). I was stillcold. I looked over to my fridge, then up to the cupboard where we keep the powdered chocolate for chocolate milk. I looked back and forth between the two of them for like, 10 minutes before my brain could actually concoct anything. I walked over, got a cup, got out the milk, poured the milk into the cup, grabbed a spoon, took down the chocolate milk mix by whacking it with a crossbow. I then spooned tons of chocolate powder into the milk. As we all know, the powder doesn't immediately sink to the bottom of the stupid cup. I wanted to speed things up, so I blew on it. Instead of pushing it to the bottom, my breath made the powder come back AT ME, and hence into my eyes. But never fear, my eyes only burned with a chocolately deliscious-ness (I was torn between the pain in my eyes and how nice the chocolate smelled, I'm hopeless) for a few minutes. AND I HAD MY SIGHT BACK WITHIN MOMENTS! I didn't drink the chocolate milk after that though...

Moral: Never blow on powdered chocolate, bad things happen.


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