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Friday, January 13, 2006

Nickname test results....

I tend to overreact. Alot. For example; my friend sent me this link to this quiz (Quizzilla) site and the nickname test they have there. I took it (3 times...) and here are my results.

My first results were.....
Your new nick-name is 2K. You are freakin' nuts, and the people around you know it. You do your best to hide how calm you can be (etc, that's all I can remember {:-) )

My seccond result was....
Your new nickname is Mo-mo. You like cute and fuzzy things and have a thing for candy (me: candy?)

My third result was...
Your new nickname is Twitch.You're a very strange person and you think everything is all fun and games till someones eye is poked out. You are very independent and have lots of stange friends just like you, and together you all are the 2nd version of "Jackass the Movie!"



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